YI 4K Camera For Rugby Analysis

It is not long ago that many people would consider Asian companies such as YI as not reliable, cheap and in general not very good quality but how times have really changed. YI have released a new range of 4K action cameras that can rival the world famous GoPro but at a fraction of the cost. If you take the branding out of the way from both cameras and purely look at the spec and hardware then the YI 4K action camera actually outclasses it on many fronts.

When it comes to using these cameras for rugby there are many advantages. Video analysis is a huge part of the game now and something that even amateur teams are doing to get one up on their opponents. Often these clubs are running on a very tight budget and are at the mercy of the local communities funding as well as some grants from the IRFU. Paying for several expensive cameras is not seen as a priority and that is understand able. With that in mind the YI 4K camera is only €99 from YI Cameras and has a 16MP camera so it is of very high quality which means you can see all the details such as foul plays, play numbers and other things you may want to point out to your players.

Many clubs also now are looking to get GPS trackers for the players to track running meters, heart rate and other important aspects for each individual player. This combined with video footage on a small budget could really transform your local club into a formidable force but it is not to take away from traditional aspects of rugby like determination, aggression and commitment.



The 1014 Rugby Podcast – Recommended

As we have hit the middle of the six nations it is peak time for all things rugby. The newspapers are putting out spreads on the various matches and it is basically a rugby heaven for the next few weeks. One podcast we recently came across on Youtube is the 1014 rugby podcast. We don’t know a whole lot about it but the detail of the coverage is top class and the hosts appear to be 1 Irish and 1 New Zealand male.

It appears to be a new enough podcast as it has not yet hit 10,000 subscribers on Youtube but as mentioned the content is top quality and very detailed. Sometimes on TV the pundits don’t have the time to really breakdown the game and what is needed or what should be done by each time so it is quite refreshing to see this done online. Oh and just as a mention we are not affiliated at all..just big fans! While we are on the topic and we are also trying to grow our own rugby blog we will be giving away a free watch from http://www.menswatches.ie/ for our 100th subscriber on our new Youtube channel. More details are to follow! We are also going to do some work on the design of our site but we haven’t had the time as of yet so please be patient.



Ireland beat Wales and Android Box Give away:

Ulster rugby have had a strange season this year with up and down results in both competitions. After performing well in the Champions Cup they let their form slip in the league much to the disappointment of many fans as they not sit in the position 4 of conference B but there has been some shining lights in Ulster this year and this is apparent in Ireland’s current six nations campaign.

Rory Best and Ian Henderson continue to be very important to both Ulster and Ireland and now the young Jacob Stockdale appears to have nailed his place on Ireland’s left wing as he has a record of 7 tries in 7 games for Ireland. At just 21 years old he appears to be the Tommy Bowe of the next generation which is sterling praise indeed.

Other young talent such as Stuart Mccloskey seems to be out of the picture due to Ulster not firing well particularly in the league this season whilst Jared Payne has been injured for much of the season which has given ex Ulster player Christ Farrell his first six nation cap against Wales in the Aviva where he justifiably won the man of the match award after a great performance.
Ireland face Scotland next at home who had their first Calcutta cup (by beating England) win in 10 years over the weekend at home in Murrayfield. This could prove to be a tough test for Ireland but at home Ireland should have the muscle to run over the Scots before facing England for the grand slam on Saint Patricks day. For all the Irish in Australia we have teamed up with www.androidtvboxes.com.au to give away an android TV box so you can watch the Ireland rugby team live on your TV. Just leave a comment below and we will select a winner in the coming days.