YI 4K Camera For Rugby Analysis

It is not long ago that many people would consider Asian companies such as YI as not reliable, cheap and in general not very good quality but how times have really changed. YI have released a new range of 4K action cameras that can rival the world famous GoPro but at a fraction of the cost. If you take the branding out of the way from both cameras and purely look at the spec and hardware then the YI 4K action camera actually outclasses it on many fronts.

When it comes to using these cameras for rugby there are many advantages. Video analysis is a huge part of the game now and something that even amateur teams are doing to get one up on their opponents. Often these clubs are running on a very tight budget and are at the mercy of the local communities funding as well as some grants from the IRFU. Paying for several expensive cameras is not seen as a priority and that is understand able. With that in mind the YI 4K camera is only €99 from YI Cameras and has a 16MP camera so it is of very high quality which means you can see all the details such as foul plays, play numbers and other things you may want to point out to your players.

Many clubs also now are looking to get GPS trackers for the players to track running meters, heart rate and other important aspects for each individual player. This combined with video footage on a small budget could really transform your local club into a formidable force but it is not to take away from traditional aspects of rugby like determination, aggression and commitment.